Mother’s Day Photos & Background Colors

Everyone at Bagettes hopes you had a great Mother’s Day! We are lucky because we get to see the cutest family photos. Babies, toddlers, kids, grown-ups, dogs and cats all got their faces on Bagettes for Mom’s Day.

If you took a great photo of your mom opening her present this year, please send it to us! We may feature you on our blog.

Did you know you can add a color background to your photos on a Bagette?

We know sometimes your photo doesn’t fit exactly right so you need to add a background. You can choose a color from the designer section. It’s easy!

1- Just select the background color icon

 Select Background Color

2- Choose the Color Slider

Choose the color slider icon

3- Move the 3 sliders till you see the color you want and click the Select Color button

Move slider to select your color

4- Your new background color is now on the bag!

New background color on bag

Be sure to save your layout in case you need to come back to it. We can go into your account to help you place your order also. It’s always a good idea to save everything.

Again, we hope you had a super Mother’s Day and let us know if you have any questions or need us to place an order for you!

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